Tears over technology

Technology. I think I've got it sorted, I can do what I want to do and it's working. Then it doesn't. This week I've spent several hours trying to get my credit card reader to work. I spoke to one Customer Service man from my bank who, having spent an hour and a half with

The power of words

Do you ever look in the mirror? Really look? What do you see? Are you busy doing your hair, putting on your makeup, checking your teeth, making sure your clothes fit and the hem's not coming down on your favourite skirt? Do you look at the "bits"? You know, just your face or just your

Gratitude for the perfect morning

OMG! I can't tell you how glorious, amazing, wonderful, totally divine it was that morning! I woke at 5am. Too early. Back to bed, snuggling under the covers for another hour. Up at 6am. Wrote in my journal. Cool, dark morning, anticipating cold water and a cool breeze. My committment to myself is to swim.

Mum’s Legacy

Two weeks ago my Mum died. It's been quite a journey, since then, sorting out emotions, sorting out practicalities, sorting out her things. Dad is with us, living downstairs in their part of the house. Having him close has been great. He and I have been doing quite a bit together, as well as remembering,

The importance of community

When I started early morning swimming at my local beach, I was warmly welcomed into The Buckettes - a community of wonderful ladies who swim. I am pretty much the baby of the group and for a while, felt a bit awkward. This is a group who have swum together, socialised together and been there

Do I have to take my clothes off?

Ummmm. . . do I have to take all my clothes off? The short answer is "No, absolutely not". This is one of the most asked questions about massage so I thought I'd write about it. When I studied massage, many years ago, we were told to say, "Take off whatever you're comfortable with". That's

How could I forget my massage?

Lying on the massage table, getting oiled up for my Lomi Lomi massage the other day, I realised that I had left it too long since my last massage. How did that happen? Usually I'm pretty consistent about having at least one massage per month - I can feel it when I'm overdue. I figure

How to give a great massage!

Everyone wants a massage, but sometimes getting in to see your favourite massage therapist is too hard or inconvenient. In moments like that, knowing how to give your partner a decent massage yourself can be really useful. But ... do you know how to give a good massage? Giving an at-home massage isn't that hard. Here are

Goodbye Snowy

My biggest baby's tears rolled down my arm as she sobbed silently, chest heaving. We rocked together, heads on each other's shoulders. We rocked and talked and cried. She found Snowy's star - in Lion King the kings and queens become the stars in the sky when they die. Snowy was certainly a Queen. Regal