• Lone Pine


  As the sun rose on a cold, silent morning at Anzac Cove,  the mist swirled around us. Overlooking the beach we felt the ghosts of the ANZACS. We walked through the trenches and at Lone Pine we cried for the wasted lives. Julie, my friend, and I visited Gallipoli as part of a backpacking

I’ve been cold water swimming!

Cold water swimming! Mid-July a friend finally, after several months, convinced me to join her in the ocean pool at 7am on a Saturday morning. It's the middle of winter! To even contemplate swimming in the sea is crazy! (I only get in the water when it has passed above 25C.) My friend picked me

  • Manopause

Menopause is coming . . .

Today my period arrived. It's been six weeks since the last one. Once, long ago, I'd have been sweating on my period arriving, anxiously awaiting confirmation that I was not, after all, pregnant. On its arrival, the relief would wash over me and then life would carry on as before. Less long ago, I

  • The Project

Ten seconds of Minecraft fame on “The Project”

  A few months ago my son and I were interviewed for a segment on the TV news program, The Project - Minecraft Mayhem My son has been obsessed with the online game for a couple of years. He will wake before dawn so that he can build a new world before breakfast. Afternoon tea is shovelled

  • Aging parents

How do we care for ageing parents?

When I was a teenager, we had "sex education" at school, to learn about our changing bodies, periods, sex and babies. When I was pregnant, I attended antenatal classes to learn about giving birth, how to change nappies and to bath a baby. As I enter menopause, I've been to workshops to learn about my

  • Massage

What are you waiting for? Get a massage!

Recently, I've been seeing people who have come in for a massage and want to be "fixed"in one visit. Nothing unusual in that except all of them have one thing in common.  They haven't had a massage for a long time. Here’s a scenario:  You’ve gained a little weight and winter is approaching.  You

How does massage help with weight loss?

Australia Day is done. Australia Day marks the end of the summer school holidays. Typically, the country now returns to "work mode" and we all get back to normal rhythms and routines. Sad or glad, it's time. If you're anything like me, you've been planning the year ahead and looking at your intentions. I,

Tampons? Pads? Menstrual Cups? What feminine hygiene products do you use?

It's that time of the month!  What to use? Feminine hygiene products have long been the subject of controversy. We all know that if men had periods, things would be different!  Tampons, pads and other feminine hygiene products would cost significantly less for a start. Concern over the toxic ingredients found in these products isn't talked

  • Shan Withnell Massage therapist northern beaches

The first rule of survival… looking after yourself

This week I had a revelation. I spend a lot of time 'working on myself'; meditating, journaling, reading self-development books, reading blogs, attending classes, and talking with other people who are interested in and actively doing the same.  I think I'm a pretty aware and conscious person. Hah! I've had a series of clients over

Incontinence – are you taking care of your pelvic floor?

I am no stranger to bodily functions. Just the same as everybody else, I wee, poo, vomit, cough, spit, and bleed as my body demands. Having had three babies and a couple of miscarriages my body has been through its share of trauma and recovery. I pretty much thought I had experienced it all, but