Massage – why wait?

Fix me! Recently, I've seen a number of people who have come in for a massage and want to be ’fixed’ in one visit. There’s nothing unusual about that except all of them have one thing in common... they haven't had a massage for a long time. Here’s a scenario:  You’ve gained a little weight

How often should I have a massage?

This is a simple question with a not-so-simple answer! Massage every 4-6 weeks When clients first ask me this question, I usually recommend a massage every 4-6 weeks and more often if you feel you need it. It really depends on your body and why you are having massages in the first place. How in

Dyslexia – Treated and Hopefully Cured!

The Search A few months ago it dawned on me that my son might have dyslexia. A whole range of symptoms suddenly made sense. After three weeks of intensive research, phone calls, and meetings with professionals who could help, the world seemed quite topsy turvy and the plethora of options overwhelming. I found a wide

  • What your therapist thinks of your body

Your body – what your massage therapist really thinks

Lying on a massage table can be a very vulnerable feeling for many people; after all you are lying nearly naked in front of a fully dressed stranger... It’s something I’ve thought about a lot over the past 20 years or so (yes, that’s how long I’ve been doing this) and, as I’ve reassured

  • Learning to play online games

Life lessons from Temple Run!

A few weeks ago my children introduced me to the game, Temple Run. I had finished my book and looked up to see all three children and my husband, attached to their ipods, playing this game. None of them was interested in going for a walk (it was pouring with rain), playing a “real”

Are you Depressed and Suicidal?

I am often a place of last resort. You have tried everything or everyone else you can think of.  People have referred you to this doctor or that physiotherapist.  You've had x-rays, MRI's and nobody can find anything wrong with you.  You can't get comfortable.  You're in pain.  You've tried diet, exercises, and sleeping

Raising Daughters- Love is in the House

Tonight was special.  I’ll treasure it and pull it out of my box of memories many times. Spending a simple night at home with my daughters, eating chocolate (of course) and watching a rented movie, reminded me of things that really matter.  Not eating the chocolate or even watching the movie, although we all enjoyed it, sang

  • Negative ions in nature

Negative Ions – A Positive Force?

A conversation with my father prompted me to investigate the benefits of negative ions. What are they? Do we really benefit from them? Is it “just another marketing ploy” to make us spend money on more useless gadgets? Here is what I learned. What is an ion? Wikipedia says “An ion is an atom or

  • Drinking water

How Much Water Should I Drink and Why?

The Importance of Water   Drink water to stay healthy   There is a lot of talk about water and how necessary it is to maintain life and health.  An adult’s body contains about 70% water. It is a major part of every cell, tissue and organ. It is crucial in almost all body functions