Carefully, quietly, making sure not to wake anybody, you lifted the box out from under the Christmas tree.

You held your breath and softly shook the box, listening intently. You closed your eyes and tried to imagine what could be inside. You sniffed it, hoping for a clue. Then you put it back down, knowing you had to wait until everyone was awake before the box could be opened.?Thoughts racing, imagination running wild, hopes and wishes running through your mind.

Did you ever get it right?

Some people have a natural talent for being able to guess what’s in a box, or an envelope or even on the face of a card.

Do you?

Other people can hold an object, like a watch, or a ring and be able to tell you something about the person who wears it.

Sometimes people can look at the photo of a stranger and pick up something about their character or life, without knowing how they know these things.

These gifts have a name – psychometry.

Would you like to learn how to do it?


On Saturday 5th?August, I?m running a beginners? workshop called??Do you want to be psychic???to explore this and more.

The workshop will run from 10.30am ? 4.30pm in my cabin in Mona Vale. The cost for the day is $147.

It will be very hands-on with lots of fun exercises. By the end of the day you will have given at least two readings for other people and you may have even been able to connect with somebody who has passed over.

My cabin is small, so only a limited number of participants can be there! Book in soon to secure your spot!

Looking forward to seeing you there.