Hi, my name is Shan Withnell, owner of ShanTherapy. I’ve been practicing as an Intuitive Remedial Massage Therapist and Healer for over 20 years.

Helping you take control of your own health and reconnect with your intuition through the hands-on and intuitive work that I do is my favourite thing!

Everybody is different. Even those that come regularly, every time they come there is something different going on. I love it when I get results for them. I love it when they aren’t in pain or when they are feeling, better, lighter like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

I love everything about my what I do and I’m constantly learning and expanding to ensure I am providing the highest standard of care, I can possibly provide.

When I am working it feels like I am on holiday.

I love meeting people and getting to know them, what’s happening for them, hearing their stories.

Sometimes clients just want someone to touch them or listen to them. Sometimes these are the most important aspects of a session.

Teaching you how to experience your best life is my ultimate goal!

Most of my life I’ve been learning about health, nutrition, exercise and many different types of body work. Having suffered through a couple of major chronic health problems of my own, I have a lot of empathy for people who are searching for something that will help them to feel better.

In my own quest for better health and wider knowledge, I have studied structural, mechanical and “orthodox” modalities, along with some much more intuitive, spiritual and alternative ones. During a treatment, I tend to pick and mix from my repertoire as I feel best serves my clients, making each session truly individual which keeps me from getting bored and stale too!

I really LOVE what I do!

If you would like to experience a treatment that is really quite unique and you think that I may have something to offer you, please do contact me for a chat. I’d love to help you!