In just a few days I’ll officially be “a published author”!

In a year full of surprises and plans gone astray, this wasn’t even a glimmer of an idea at the start.

We talk about planning as if having a plan will ensure smooth sailing.

If we have a plan, we know when we’re on track to getting where we want to go. We can allocate time and resources. We can prepare ourselves for what’s to come.

This year, everyone’s plans changed.

I was really fortunate to be in a mastermind with a group of amazing women from around the world.

Together we grew our respective businesses and became good friends. A spark of an idea from one of our members, her chance meeting with a publisher, and an invitation extended to the rest of us, was the birth of this new book.

Of course I jumped in to “have a go”!

Long dormant dreams of being an author were rekindled. How much easier to write a chapter than a whole book. What a great way to try it out. And what a wonderful team of women to do it with!

Together, thirteen of us have each written a chapter. We have very different stories but there are common threads. We have each overcome some major difficulties. We have each found answers within ourselves. We are each practitioners doing wonderful work in the world, bringing our experience and wisdom to our clients.

We have all trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy. Marisa Peer, the founder and our teacher, has written the foreword of our book.

It has taken planning, re-planning, organising and resourcing – at very short notice!

It has been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve made some good friends.

I hope you like it.

Thanks to

Helen Hardware, Jacqui CarrelNaheeda Akram, Riannan ZouchaMelisa BassettJudith McFaddenLena BuecheleLouisa PieterseSamantha FerresCheryl KasperMaria Jansson and Els Bosma. And thanks to Natasha Leigh Bray.

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