Can you see the goanna?

So often in business, it’s easy to cruise along, not rocking the boat, growing slowly and staying almost invisible – just like this goanna!

You do all the courses, amassing enough certificates to paper the walls – but they’re filed away in a drawer.

You might be frightened of speaking in front of groups, making videos or doing lives. Or feel like you’ve got nothing to say.

You think you don’t know enough, or not as much as the person who’s posting stuff all the time. You worry that if you do get noticed, “they” will know that you’re not that good. You watch other people rise and wish you could do that too.

Those thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are keeping you small can be changed. Often they’re relics from the past that wont let you move on. Sometimes you have no clue what they are, or where they come from.

Using advanced hypnotherapy, along with other specialised tools, I can help you find those blocks and clear them. Then together, we’ll give you a new script.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be. And at how comfortable you can feel, being visible.

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