It was pretty busy in the bay this morning.
Mina and I had got down early and decided it looked too “messy”. Into the pool for us.
Despite it being low tide, the bay was full of choppy, swollen, breaking waves swirling all over the place.
The pool was flat, cold and shallow – storms a few weeks ago had filled it with sand. The waves breaking over the rocks this morning brought trickles of warmer ocean water into the corner. At the south end of the beach was a rainbow. A couple of birds balanced on the chains strung between short poles around the pool. Textured puffy clouds hung low in the sky.
Laps done, post swim rinse in even colder shower and hot coffee in hand, we swimmers gathered around the covered bench (Gloria’s Cafe) to share tasty tidbits of food and talk.

Caught in a rip

A couple of the earlier bay swimmers had had to be helped back to shore, caught in rips across the bay. One of the guys said he’d been caught in a rip out at the point and had really struggled to get back. One of the women was shaking as she said it was the most frightening experience she’d had. She’d been separated from the others in a big wave. Luckily she’d caught the attention of a boardrider who brought her back in.
As we stood there, chatting, drinking coffee, we watched another couple of rescues. A girl on her sea kayak capsized. She went one way across the bay and her kayak and paddle went the other. Another swimmer struggled. Four guys on boards and a kayak managed to bring them all back in.
The girl sank to the sand hugging her knees, exhausted while her kayak and paddle were collected and brought back. When everyone was back safely, shoulders patted, handshakes and hugs, they all dispersed.
Watching it all unfold from above, I thought about how life is like that.

What’s stopping you?

Sometimes we assess the risk and decide to play it safe. Other times we think we’re up for it. Most of the time, we’ll make it but sometimes we get knocked over and need help. Thankfully, when we do, there is usually someone who can.
If you’re feeling like you just can’t make headway, swimming against the current of your distress, help is nearby.
I can help you clear the indecision, procrastination and anxiety that’s holding you back from achieving your goals – in business or in life.
PM me to find out how advanced hypnotherapy and coaching can bring you safely back to shore.