There are many professions where the practitioner invests physically and mentally in their client?s wellbeing but few, I suspect, more so than in mine. Sometimes I can literally feel my client?s pain or emotion as I work, helping to improve their health. ?(I am always careful to have clear boundaries and to rinse off anything I?ve picked up along the way!)

That kind of total commitment to my clients is very important to me and it has always been at the centre of what I am trying to do through my work. So, for me, massage and working with my clients is definitely about quality, not quantity.

Each of my sessions is at least an hour and a half long ? I don?t want either of us to feel we have to rush, or leave anything unfinished. And I see a maximum of four clients per day (and normally only three).

It?s very easy to think that having more clients is always better, especially when you are working to establish a business, but that isn?t necessarily the case and so many therapists learn that the hard way.

For me it is about the quality of the experience I give my clients – I don?t want my treatments to become stale or tired and it is vital to me that the last treatment of the day is of just the same high quality and standard as the first!

I make sure I take care of myself because, if I want to be able to give an 80 minute massage, I need to be strong ? in body and in spirit!

To make sure I have time to re-energise I meditate and try to go for a long walk each day to clear my head. ?Eating well and trying to stop my family life from getting too hectic helps too (easier said than done, of course!).

I think that making that time to recharge your batteries, to take care of yourself and to stop and focus on yourself both physically and mentally is vitally important if you want to be able to give your best to your clients. You can?t help anyone if you give until your own well is dry, so making sure you pace yourself is essential to creating a happy and successful practice.

Are you focused on being a good therapist? What do you do to make sure you stay energised in your life and work??


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