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Too stressed to think straight

Freedom Day Four months after entering lockdown, Sydney finally opened up (somewhat). Labelled "Freedom Day" by many, hordes of people flooded to the shops, booked their long overdue hair appointments and gathered with friends wherever they could. Another group of people stayed home. Some cautious. Not wanting to go out too soon. Not wanting to

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Poetry has power

Poetry to Film Poetry has power. To evoke feelings with well-chosen words. Pared to essentials. Crafted by masters. "Negative Space" is a very short film, based on Ron Koertge’s poem, that beautifully adds depth while keeping the emotion. The film won several awards, including an Academy Award. It has an ambiguous ending, which makes you

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How to prevent or cure burnout

How to prevent or cure burnout A few of my clients have been in touch, feeling quite anxious. They have been trying to keep their businesses running, at the same time as juggling children’s schooling, running their homes, and working from home. In some cases this was happening before the current lockdown. Sometimes the added

Learning something new

"I can't understand why I can't do it! I should be an expert by now!" That was me, crying my eyes out in the maternity ward. Unable to get my newborn son to latch on to my breast. He was my third baby. Each baby had started breast feeding the same way - my inverted

Learning to adjust

This came up on my Facebook memories. It was my first day in Paris, before meeting my daughter for our two week holiday together. She had been singing her way around Spain and I had been camping at a beach in Australia with the rest of the family. The day before this, I had left


It's amazing how motivating some black circles with ticks inside can be! Ever since I got to almost a full screen for the first time (a week or two ago) I make myself go EVERY day. I want another full screen. This week it's been wet, grey and rough. I've been a bit tired. I've

Doing nothing

Doing nothing is the hardest thing when it's not a regular practice! I'm practicing 5-10 minutes of doing nothing every day at the moment. That's not reading, not having a coffee or water, not knitting. It's not looking at my phone or TV. It's doing no-thing!! I sit on my back step and watch the

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Questioning myself

Sitting in my car, I watched the sky darken over the ocean, observing the rhythms of nature, summer solstice approaching, feeling the energies shifting. It has been a very challenging month. One where I have questioned myself deeply – personally and professionally. Am I fit to do the work I do? What do I really

Almost a published author!

In just a few days I'll officially be "a published author"! In a year full of surprises and plans gone astray, this wasn't even a glimmer of an idea at the start. We talk about planning as if having a plan will ensure smooth sailing. If we have a plan, we know when we're on

I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately

I've been pretty quiet on here lately. Lots of things happening in the background. My Dad had more surgery - and recovered well. My daughters had birthdays. I've been a bit up and down, like the weather really! (Variable weather and big seas have meant not quite as much swimming as I'd like.) BUT... Clients