I thought it hadn’t worked

I thought it hadn’t worked. She's on my Fast Freedom 4 week program. We did her in-person session a few weeks ago and she had a major breakthrough on the day. She realised that she was able to let go of everything that had been holding her back from stepping into the career that she

Opening night of Sea Birds

Last night we were movie stars! "Sea Birds", the documentary that was made about my swimming ladies, was shown on the big screen. All dressed up for our "red carpet" moment, we had dinner across the road before going to the cinema. Festive and fabulous - our first group outing since lockdown. Excitement, laughter, friendship

I’m really, really happy!

A couple of weeks ago an exhausted, depressed man contacted me in desperation. His nightmares were getting worse and the panic attacks that followed them were debilitating. He was getting about two hours' sleep a night. He was terribly anxious and also concerned about the excess weight he had gained. This is a man who

Women’s Adventure Film Tour 20/21

Oh my goodness! Our little movie is in 5 film festivals, including this one! We get to see it on the big screen, along with 8 others, next week! How exciting. https://youtu.be/zxPJjSj-Kt8

This morning I got dumped!

This morning I got dumped! Things were relatively flat with not a lot going on. The breeze was icy, straight off the snow on the mountains. The water was pretty cold, but not rough, just a few bigger waves around. One of those ones caught me when I wasn’t paying attention! I was coming out

Coming soon to Fusion Health

Some of my fellow Buckettes (morning swimmers) and I were filmed for an advertising campaign a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. It was also an opportunity to demonstrate, to myself, that clearing unhelpful beliefs about yourself makes a huge difference in how you show up. I was being filmed in

Energy follows intention

Energy follows intention. Fascinating to observe how true this is. A lady contacted me several days ago, wanting to know more about RTT and how it might help her with her back problem. She’s had a sore back for several months. Seen a physio, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist. Initially I thought she wanted massage

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Still doing massage!

I came out of lockdown having only done Zoom hypnotherapy sessions with clients for the past months. Loving them. Excited by them. Inspired by them. And I am still loving them. I'm really fired up by the amazing impact they have for my clients - truly life changing. I came out of lockdown thinking that

Spiralling down

What do you do when worries spiral in your mind? When you can't see a way out of your problems? When each solution you dream up seems less attainable than the last? It's so easy to find yourself in a downward spiral of thoughts. Thoughts cause feelings, so hot on the heels of your spiralling