Are you stuck?

It was pretty busy in the bay this morning. Mina and I had got down early and decided it looked too "messy". Into the pool for us. Despite it being low tide, the bay was full of choppy, swollen, breaking waves swirling all over the place. The pool was flat, cold and shallow - storms

What are you frightened of?

What are you frightened of? Theresa is a good swimmer. She’s strong and she’s fast. She swims in the surf a lot. She swims in the pool more. Today Theresa swam across the bay to the headland and back. That’s momentous. Theresa is terrified of deep water. Her imagination runs riot – what about the

Lessons from our children – I am enough

Our children give us some big lessons! When my middle daughter was born with no fingers on her left hand, it brought such a plethora of emotions. Guilt – I must have done something wrong. Grief – my beautiful, perfect baby was missing such a vital part of her. Anxiety – how would she DO

Shan Therapy Manifesto

Recently I was on the Central Coast, attending a business retreat. We spent two days working on our businesses. One of the exercises we did was to write a business manifesto. A manifesto is ?a written statement of the beliefs, aims, and policies of an organization? according to the Cambridge English Dictionary, or ?a published

Swimming with dolphins!

Swimming with dolphins A little after sunrise. Ocean calm, wind low, temperature cold. All alone, swimming in the bay. Looked like windsurfers riding the waves. Came closer. Fins. Dolphins! Watching in wonder as four large mammals came straight towards me! I had forgotten how big they are. Paddling in bliss as a whole pod of

Ocean swim – Challenges and victories

Sunday morning my friend, Mina, accosted me in the changing room at the beach. "There's an ocean swim here, today and I really want to do it. Will you do it with me Shan?" was pretty much her question. Mina is a remarkable woman. After retiring and moving near the beach, she decided that she

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Let’s wrap it up.

Here we are, once again at the end of the year, looking forward to the Christmas break. Hot weather. End of year busyness. Christmas shopping left to the last minute. Plans made and changed. Hopes and goals for next year in mind. For a lot of us, it's been a REALLY BIG YEAR!!! When you

How a house healing can change the dynamics of your home

The other day I met my friend Wendy for a turmeric latte and catch up chat. She mentioned that she was thinking of having a house healing. The problem Wendy?s had a pretty rough year, with her husband fighting for his life after multiple surgeries, her son navigating the anxieties of middle high school and

How to get motivated

How to get motivated. It can be a challenge! Being the world's greatest procrastinator is a delightful time waster. I have a million ideas, a million "to-do's" and limited time - just like you!. My list, written on paper looks like a normal list. What it really looks like in my head is, "must do,

How to reduce cellulite

I remember being about 12, being fit, strong, healthy - and cellulite free. Growing up in the tropics of Papua New Guinea, I'd lived on plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and meat and not much in the way of sugar or processed foods. The sugar I did have was usually a "treat"