Some of my fellow Buckettes (morning swimmers) and I were filmed for an advertising campaign a couple of weeks ago.

It was a lot of fun.

It was also an opportunity to demonstrate, to myself, that clearing unhelpful beliefs about yourself makes a huge difference in how you show up.

I was being filmed in all my lockdown plus-size glory, in my wetsuit, for the whole world to see.

Not that long ago I would have refused. I would have been mortified to be photographed like that. I would have been nervous about saying something really stupid during the interview. I would have been shy and embarrassed to be that visible.

I’ve worked on myself a lot. Received the kind of advanced hypnotherapy that I treat my clients with.

That day I showed up – as me. What you see, is who I am. As this campaign rolls out, I’ll be up there, in public, doing my thing.

If you want more confidence, more success, to feel good about yourself, to be more visible, get in touch with me.

“Because life’s too short to stand still!”

Thanks Chris, Damon, Spence, Jayne and Fusion Health for everything.

Here’s the first advertisement!