You can rebuild the confidence you had when you were a child.

When we came on leave from Papua New Guinea every two years, Mum used to take me to the dentist.

His practice was high up on one of the many floors in an old building in the centre of Sydney.

The rickety lift contained a little man wearing a suit (with a vest and tie), who opened and closed the lift doors, then the gate, and turned a handle to the floor number for you.

The lift would would rise, creakily and slowly, ascending the shaft, while the little man’s beady eyes bored into my trembling heart.

I knew he could see it beating frantically against my chest like a trapped bird, the higher and higher we rose.

On arriving at the designated floor, he would pull apart the doors, open the gate and stand with his hand pointing down the hall to hell.

Mum would clasp my hand firmly in hers and practically drag me into the dentist’s rooms.

The shrill shriek of the drill could be heard everywhere, making me clamp my jaw tightly together, determined not to let his prying hands into my mouth.

Through gritted teeth and a fake smile my mother would command me to behave, and do as I was told.

Reluctantly, my mouth would open, whilst my fingernails embedded themselves into the arms of the chair.

The ancient implements that were poked around my teeth, the mouthwash to spit in the bowl and that drill, steadily grinding away at a molar at the back…

And after it was over, the creepy old dentist would make me sit on his lap, patting my knee and telling me what a good girl I was, then give me a lollipop!

Why do you lack confidence?

Very often you have no idea why you lack confidence, or hesitate to be “seen” in your business.

But you do know that something is stopping you from getting to the next stage.

Making you procrastinate on big decisions, or question yourself when you do make a decision.

Buying courses, and not completing them.

Attending workshops and reading books – and not implementing what you’ve learned.

Looking at my childhood memory of going to the dentist, in our current environment, there are so many things going on!

At the time, I was aware of the terror in anticipation of the noise and the pain I would probably endure, as well as the creepiness of that dentist and how much I disliked him.

Unpacking this scene today, it’s easy to see why that little girl from the bush suffered trauma.

Mum had a job to do – to get my teeth checked, dealt with, and go on to the next thing on the list. She had limited time available. Nobody enjoyed going to a dentist anyway, so not really a big deal. She was there watching and nothing untoward happened.

Confidence rebuilt

Decades later, during an RTT session for a lack of confidence and fear of visibility, that scene was retrieved by my subconscious mind as being relevant.

There I was, being obedient, being a good girl, having my natural instincts overridden, which led to not being able to trust myself to know what was right for me.

Having that scene, and others, viewed by my adult self and re-interpreted, allowed me to reframe the incident and heal the trauma.

In my 12 week Freedom Program, using RTT, we can quickly find the cause of your subconscious blocks, reframe and heal them and then install the traits you want to have instead.

Over 12 weeks, I will support you through your transformation and subsequent challenges (they always appear after a big change).

At the end of the program you will have the self belief and confidence to make the changes needed to reach your next level – in business and life!

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