The Bra Dilemma

In a cost-cutting society where everyone is looking to pay less for their goods, being properly fitted for a bra can be difficult but choosing the correct bra size matters more than you might think…

As a natural therapist who works with many women who have had one or two mastectomies through breast cancer, I would say to you, “Please don’t wear a bra!”

You might reply with, “Why?”

When you look at an image of the lymphatic system, you can see the many lymph nodes surrounding the breasts and under the arms.

The lymphatic system?is vitally important in maintaining your health. When it becomes blocked, you can put yourself at risk of many unpleasant effects, including cancer.

Wearing a bra, especially an underwire one, blocks the free flow of lymph from the chest area.

Wearing a bra will also affect the free flow of blood through the superficial chest and breast area.

Many people who have had breast cancer are advised not to wear a bra. If they must, they are advised not to wear underwire. (As a side note, breastfeeding mothers also wear non-wire bras, for the same reasons.)

As a woman with larger breasts, I would say to you, ?If you really want to wear a bra, make sure it is properly fitted so it is comfortable, looks great and minimises the damage you are causing yourself?.

If you are taking your developing daughter to fit her bra, it is vitally important that she be fitted properly, to minimise any damage to growing breast tissue and surrounding lymphatics.

Between 70%-80% of women are wearing incorrectly fitting bras!



1. Wearing a bra that hurts. A bra shouldn?t hurt or be uncomfortable ? if it does, it?s the wrong size. The most common mistake here is wearing a bra that is too small in the cup, resulting in wires resting on the bust tissue, digging in and hurting.

2. A saggy bust. This happens when the back of the bra is too big. It should run right around your body in a straight line, not ride up the back. If the back goes up, the front goes down! You need to make sure the fullest part of your bust is in line with the mid point between your shoulder and your elbow. When your bust doesn?t sag, you look slimmer!

3. The double boob look. When you try on your bra with a t-shirt, look in the mirror. If you bulge over the top of the bra cup, the cup is too small for you.

4. Wires that don?t sit flat on your chest. If the wires are floating in space, the cup is too small. If the wire snaps or breaks, this is also because the cup is too small. The wires should sit flat against your skin in the middle of your chest and should completely encompass your breast tissue.

How do you find a bra that fits?

Here?s a secret… The size of the bra cup changes when the back size changes.

The cup size of a 10DD bra is the same size cup as a 16B!!

Here?s how it works: 10DD = 12D = 14C = 16B

As the back size increases, so does the cup size. As the back size decreases, so does the cup size.

First, work out what cup size you need in your current back size (even if it doesn?t fit). If you are wearing a 14DD and the cups are bulging, you need to go up a cup size to 14E. Then you find the back is riding up so you need a smaller back size (12) and a larger ?letter? (as the back size decreases, so does the cup size). A 12E would be too small. You would need a 12F (which is the same cup size as the 14E).

Tape measurements are not always accurate. All brands and styles can differ in size, even if they are labelled as the same size!

Measuring under the bust will help you work out your approximate bra back size.


1. Always check in the mirror when trying on a bra

2. Fasten the back strap on the loosest fitting hooks because it will stretch over time, allowing you to tighten it as you need to

3. Adjust the shoulder straps so they are comfortable ? as the bra stretches, you can tighten the straps.

4. To fit properly, bend forward allowing your breasts to fall into the cups

5. Most women have one breast larger than the other ? always fit to the larger side. If it?s noticeable, try a bra with stretch lace

6. Try on every bra, move around, bend and stretch, to make sure it fits before deciding to keep it ? you wouldn?t buy shoes or a new dress without trying them on first! Remember, all brands and styles are different sizes ? even if they are labeled the same size!

7. Don?t decide to compromise on comfort and fit. Keep looking until you find the one that is perfect ? then buy two!

Happy bra shopping!