So, you?ve got a big decision to make and you can?t decide what to do.

You?ve just met someone you really fancy and before you spend too much time daydreaming about a potential future, you want to know if there might even be one!

You?ve been offered a new job that sounds amazing but you recently got a promotion to your current job. One pays more but the other looks more fun and you think it?s got a better future. What do you do?

Flip a coin?

Ask your friends?

Have you ever wanted to have an all-seeing, all-knowing friend who could just give you the answer to your question?

Very often your secret inner knowing or ?psychic self? knows what?s best for you. You?ll have a feeling about which choice is best or a knowing about alternate outcomes.

You just can?t be sure if you can trust yourself.

Sound familiar?

One way to tap into that knowing and get come clarification or confirmation, is to consult your oracle cards.

Using oracle or tarot cards is a quick, easy way to get access to what?s really going on, underneath your overthinking mind. Very often you wont be surprised at the cards you draw ? because a part of you already knew the answer. The cards really are a window into your super conscious self.

I have a confession. I have quite a lot of decks ? I love all the different artworks and messages inside!

I have friends who are amazingly accurate readers and I love to go and see them with my burning questions. But let?s face it? you probably can?t go and see someone about every question that comes up!

It?s much quicker to consult the cards yourself and see what answer is lurking behind your too busy mind!

I go and see my favourite astrologist and tarot reader every year for an overview of what?s coming up ahead. This gives me an idea of what to prepare for and what to expect in the months ahead. It also gives me the ?theme? for the year.

Sometimes I?ll go twice, or see somebody else, just for fun.

Most of the time though, I do my own readings and it helps me get clarity on what to do or where to go next.

Are you curious? Would you like to learn how to do a simple reading for yourself ? or for a friend?


On Saturday 5th?August, I?m running a beginners? workshop called??Do you want to be psychic???to explore this and more.

The workshop will run from 10.30am ? 4.30pm in my cabin in Mona Vale. The price is $147 for the day.

It will be very practical with lots of fun exercises and ?doing? things. By the end of the day you will have given at least two readings for other people and you may have even been able to connect with somebody who has passed over.

My cabin is small, so it?s very limited numbers! Book in soon to secure your spot!

Looking forward to seeing you there.