Tonight was special.? I?ll treasure it?and pull it?out of my box of memories many times.

Spending a simple night at home with my daughters, eating chocolate (of course) and watching a rented movie, reminded me of things that really matter.? Not eating the chocolate or even watching the movie, although we all enjoyed it, sang along to the songs?-?and had a good laugh!? The important thing was consciously?spending time together and enjoying it.

We didn?t discuss important things or even analyse the movie, although we replayed the best bits a couple of times.

There were no arguments over who had the most chocolate (we each ate what we wanted and saved the rest for another day).

We didn?t think about what time it was or what has to be done tomorrow.

Nobody was texting, or gaming, or reading.

We just spent some time together.

Enjoying each other?s company.

It mattered.

To us.