Do you trust your intuition?

The other day I was driving home from a meeting, listening to a podcast and not paying attention at all to where I was going. I?ve driven this way a million times.

All of a sudden, without thinking about it, I turned right at an intersection and drove home a different way. A way that I never normally think to go. It?s quite a bit slower, there are more intersections and it takes longer than my usual route.

I didn?t really think anything of it, except noting that I had done it without thinking.

Later that evening I heard that there had been an accident on the route I normally take, at the time that I was driving home. If I had travelled my usual route, I?d have been caught up in traffic and been late for my next appointment.

Has this ever happened to you?

It?s usually when you?re relaxed, not trying at all, when these synchronous things happen.

Like when you think about somebody you haven?t seen or heard from in ages and then, very soon after, they contact you.

Or, when you?re looking for something and effortlessly find it ? but it?s not where you normally put it. A variation of that is when someone asks where something is and you suggest they look somewhere that the thing would not normally be.

There are millions of ways that our intuition gives us information, helps us out and raises our awareness.

It?s completely normal.

Everyone has it. Everyone uses it.

Would you like to be able to use it a bit more consciously?

To be able to ?tune in? when and where you want?

Would you like to extend that access to your super conscious self to be able to deliberately (and easily) work with it?

Would you like to be able to rely on the information that you get ? knowing when you?re ?making it all up in your head? and when it?s real?


On Saturday 5th August, I?m running a beginners? workshop called ?Do you want to be psychic?? to explore this and more.

The workshop will run from 10.30am ? 4.30pm in my cabin in Mona Vale.

It will be very practical with lots of fun exercises and ?doing? things. By the end of the day you will have given at least two readings for other people and you may have even been able to connect with somebody who has passed over.

My cabin is small, so it?s very limited numbers! Book in soon to secure your spot!

Looking forward to seeing you there.