Everyone wants a massage, but sometimes getting?in to see your favourite massage therapist is too hard or inconvenient. In moments like that, knowing how to give your partner a decent massage yourself can?be really useful. But … do you know how to give a good massage?

Giving an at-home massage isn’t that hard.

Here are some tips:

Use firm pressure, but not hard.

If you’re bigger than your partner, you might use very light pressure. This can be frustrating if your partner is tense or sore or worse, ticklish. On the other hand, if you come from the “no pain, no gain” side of things, you may cause harm. Massage should be pleasant, even enjoyable! If you partner has to tense their muscles and clench their jaw to get though it, it’s probably not helping.

Slooooow down.

Unless your partner is about to go for a run, you don’t need to do a fast-paced, vigorous massage. If you go slowly you wont miss any key muscles. If you’re relaxed, your partner will be able to relax too. Take a deep breath, put your hands out and make each stroke last.

Go easy over bones.

Bones that stick out, like knees, elbows, ribs and the spine can be quick to bruise or feel painful. When you get to those, use gentle pressure to skim over them then keep going with your massage on the other side.

Protect your body

While massage shouldn’t be painful for your partner, it also shouldn’t be painful for you. If you’re hunched over, your wrists bent awkwardly, if you’re using your thumbs or fingers in strange ways they weren’t designed for, you will regret having offered to give the massage!?Use bigger muscles instead of small ones whenever you can – use your back to add pressure instead of your arms (lean in), use your arms instead of your fingers. Push, don’t pull.?When you move to another part of your partner’s body, change your body position, not just your hand placement. If you feel comfortable, your partner probably will too.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

It’s so important to check in regularly with your partner – How does this feel? Would you like more or less pressure? You need to communicate your own needs too. If you’re getting tired, thirsty, or need to go and do something else, say so.

Learn from the pros.

One of the best ways to learn to give a massage is by watching people who are already good at it. Getting regular professional massage and taking classes are both helpful. YouTube is a great source of tutorials for beginners. Search for a style you like (Swedish massage) or on an area you’d like to focus on, like neck and shoulder massage.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be fine. If you can give a caring , relaxing massage without hurting your partner or yourself, you’re well on your way!

If you need more than that, give me a call!

Actually, if you’d like a lesson or a workshop, let’s chat!