So here I am, walking my beautiful dog through early morning, dewy wet grass. ?A cool, light breeze lifting the fringe off my face. ?Slowly warming, with golden sunlight caressing my skin.


Excitement. ?Anticipation. ?Trepidation. ?Anxiety. ?Nervousness. ?A little bit of fear. Courageousness. ?Defiance. ?Triumph. ?Joyful. ?Careful. Ecstatic!

All these feelings come because I am wearing new shoes!

Lace-up, enclosed shoes.

Shoes that cover my whole foot.

For the first time in six years!

Before that, I was an active, healthy, fit person. ?Willing to try practically anything, able to try practically anything. ?Fearless (nearly). ?Courageous (most of the time). ?Active.

In the time between then and now, my life has changed and evolved, just like yours has. ?But different too. ?The lessons, experiences, challenges and triumphs I have faced have changed me forever. ?Just like yours have. ?But different too.

My feet seem to have always played a major role in my life. ?Throughout my childhood I was always getting injuries to my feet – tropical ulcers, cuts, scrapes, even a close cut with a lawnmower!

Six years ago a venous ulcer developed on my left foot – an open sore that wouldn’t heal – and that little (and sometimes not so little) hole in my foot took over my life. ?The intense, never-ending pain and its treatment invaded every aspect of my waking and sleeping, and had an enormous impact on everyone around me.

Nothing was spontaneous any more. ?Everything had to be planned, managed and overcome.

Taking my kids to and from school became a herculean task. ?Going to the beach became a dreaded chore. ?Walking across the room was an infinite agony to be endured. ?Sleeping at night was a fantasy (making sleepless baby nights a fond memory by comparison). ?Swimming was out of the question.

It was hell.

Everyone has challenges in life. ?Everyone has triumphs. ?Everyone has life changing experiences. ?Each person takes on life differently, emerges differently and yet we are all the same.

Now, wearing new lace-up, enclosed shoes for the first time in six years, I feel reborn. New. ?Like I can achieve anything.

I have endured and thrived.

Like you, my life has been a series of ups and downs, tragedies and triumphs, life changing events and everyday normality. ?A series of experiences that have made me the person I am.

These new shoes are the latest ?stepping stone in my life.

Who knows what will happen next?

I do know that I’ll carry on, one step at a time until the end.

I am so lucky!

I am so grateful.

Greatitude - new shoes!

Greatitude – new shoes!

Gratitude: What are you grateful for?