I can’t tell you how glorious, amazing, wonderful, totally divine it was that morning!

I woke at 5am. Too early. Back to bed, snuggling under the covers for another hour.

Up at 6am. Wrote in my journal.

Cool, dark morning, anticipating cold water and a cool breeze.

My committment to myself is to swim. I never regret a swim, no matter how cold it is.

It was a clear, crisp, cool Autumn morning. The sunrise catching the rocks on the headland, giving sharp definition ?in the rocks. The beach landscape has changed again – it does every day.

I walked across the crunchy, cold sand, putting my ear plugs in as I went. Walked through water towards the rock pool – cool but bearable.

Top step. Goggles on.

Down the steps into the ?hip-high water. Cool.

Intake of breath.


Walked towards the sun, water rising up my body, anticipating the cold shocks. Wetting my elbows – the warm creases feel the cold most. Water under my boobs. Another intake of breath.

Immersion. Swimming, face cold in the water.?Lap two and head finally under.


Cool salty water sliding sensually over my shoulders and down my back, flowing over my body and down my legs. Arms stroking, flashes of cooler air as they emerge into the breeze. Standing to clear my goggles, shoulders cooling as the air whispers over them. It’s warmer in the water.

Backstroke. Gazing at the blue, blue sky. A sea plane rumbles overhead. A pelican watching the fisherman on the edge of the rock. Surfers catching perfect waves.

The water is so clear I can see the trails of the shell creatures – patterns in the sand on the rock below. Schools of fish flash beside me.

I can feel my muscles working, stretching, contracting, pulling through the water. Rhythmic breathing, quickly in, 1…, 2…, 3…, strokes out. Head turning from one side to the other with each breath. Sometimes 5 strokes, sometimes 7. Body feels wonderful. Heart singing. Soul soaring.

One kilometer done. Busy day ahead. Time to get out. Tingling all over. Grinning all over!

Shower. Water’s colder.

Dressed. Standing in the sun, coffee in hand, skin warming. Friendly chatter.

Social needs met. Physical needs met. Soul fed and delighted.

Ecstatic. Exhilarated. Uplifted. Joyful. Happy.

As I walk away, all the aches, pains and niggles in my back have gone. Deep easy breathing. Posture naturally upright.

I feel amazing. Clear, grounded, connected, peaceful – ready for the day.

What a perfect start to the day.

Do you want to join me? Come along!

One?other way to feel this good is to come and see me for a session! 🙂