The other day I met my friend Wendy for a turmeric latte and catch up chat. She mentioned that she was thinking of having a house healing.

The problem

Wendy?s had a pretty rough year, with her husband fighting for his life after multiple surgeries, her son navigating the anxieties of middle high school and her daughter diving into the hard to live with, combative, attitudinal tweens.

Currently most meals are war zones, with arguments aplenty and nobody backing down. It?s a common problem with tweenagers in the house, made worse by her husband currently being impatient and intolerant – and she?s had enough!

The intention

We were talking about the house healing and how she wanted it to help. Ultimately, Wendy wants more harmony in the house. She wants her children to feel supported, while moderating their behaviour and she wants her husband to feel calmer and more tolerant. Wendy wants to be able to relax at home and to feel comfortable and safe, not having to be the peacekeeper all the time. She works at home and wants to be able to focus in a peaceful environment.

The solution

As we talked, little pictures and solutions dropped into my mind and I gave Wendy a list of things she could do to improve the atmosphere at home. A couple of plants needed to be added inside and outside the house; some crystals placed in specific areas of the house and outside.

How exciting! This kind of work is such fun.

After I got home, I rushed down to the cabin (where all my work happens) and set up a crystal ?Grid for Harmony? for Wendy?s home. With the grid set up, I drew some oracle cards for the grid, giving more guidance for what was needed. I drew different cards for each of the occupants of Wendy?s house. With everything laid out in front of me, holding the intention of ?healing in harmony and peace?, I spent some time in meditation and doing a remote healing for Wendy?s home.

Grid for harmony

When all felt complete, I wrote up my notes, took photos of everything and sent it all off to Wendy, with some instructions for more things for her to do to assist in the healing.

This healing would take effect immediately and with the addition of the things I recommended Wendy do, I expect some changes to be noticed quite soon.

The feedback

Wendy got back to me the next day and said, ?Wow this is fantastic and I did notice a difference in the energy at dinner time last night, It was a lot calmer with only one outburst from my daughter all night.?I have actually done a lot more work today than I have done in a long time as well, I have been feeling more in flow.?

Why would you?

House healings can be used for so many circumstances.

You might have just moved into a new house and you want to clear the energy of previous occupants and bring in the energy that you want for your new home. Or, you might be moving out and you want to clear your energy from the house.

Someone may have died, a couple split up, children leaving home all cause energy shifts.

You might be feeling stuck, your job is going nowhere and you want to earn more money. Your relationships are stagnant and you?re having trouble losing the extra kilos you put on over winter. Your intention might be to ?clear the stagnant energy and create more flow in your life? for example.

Some people have a house healing every season or whenever they want to bring a new energy into the home. Other people have a house healing when they first arrive and again when they leave a home. You can have your office, boat, land or even just your room healed.

Whatever the reason for having it done, a house healing can make a real difference to how you feel.

How it works

If you want to have a house healing for your place, you book in to have the healing done. You don?t need to be available. I will do the house healing at the appointed time and you will receive all my notes, suggestions, photos, etc within two days of completion.

I will need your name, address and a floorplan of your house ? the more accurate the better. A sketch of the layout of your furniture is helpful. Some people send photos. It helps to have the names of the occupants as well. (This information is all kept securely and is not shared with anybody!)

You tell me what?s going on for you and what outcome you?re hoping to achieve. What?s your intention or goal for the healing?

On the day of the healing, I prepare the cabin and connect remotely with you and your house energy and your intentions for the healing. I will intuitively and with muscle testing select card decks to work with, along with flower essences, essential oils and anything else that is needed. Using those tools, meditation and intuition, I will do your remote house healing.

The whole process of preparation, channelling, healing, writing etc takes at least 3 hours.

Your investment

Everything that?s included in your house healing:

  • Insights relating to your house healing with regard to your goals and intentions channelled and written up or recorded
  • Individually created report, including photos of everything made or used
  • Delivered by email and Dropbox within 2 days of the healing
  • Follow-up email within a week to see how you?re going after the healing

All this (and maybe more!) for $300

I can?t wait to hear from you! Just email me on