Lying on the massage table, getting oiled up for my Lomi Lomi massage the other day, I realised that I had left it too long since my last massage.

How did that happen?

Usually I’m pretty consistent about having at least one massage per month – I can feel it when I’m overdue. I figure that if I’m recommending a monthly massage to my clients, I’d better follow my own advice.

Certainly, when I have regular massages I feel better. I have fewer aches and pains, my digestive system works better, I wake refreshed in the morning (even after only 5 hours’ sleep!). I eat better, I drink more water, I’m more inclined to exercise and because I feel so much healthier, I can maintain the upward spiral easily.

Most importantly, my mental state is so much better.

With three busy kids, all at different ages and stages, my husband has been off work for three months (nobody has found out what’s wrong with him yet). My mother is unwell and has been in hospital for a while, my father running backwards and forwards to see her and delivery home cooled meals every day. (My parents live downstairs in our combined house.) There’s extra shopping to do at these times as well. Our very old and much beloved dog passed last week and we are all missing her terribly.

It’s been a bit stressful around here lately.

Usually I’m fairly laid back and take most things in my stride. I sometimes stress a bit about fitting everything in, trying to meet deadlines, looking after clients, running around after my family, but it’s manageable – not too big a deal.

Lately though, I felt really overwhelmed.

It seemed that there was more and more to get done, fit in and plan for. It was harder to motivate myself to eat well, exercise, meditate – all the things that I know make me feel better. My passion for my work slid downhill a bit while I tried to juggle everything else.

With all of that, I realised that I felt really bad about myself. I felt that I was failing in almost every area of my life, unable to meet the standards that I set for myself. My self-worth plummeted, my emotional state dropped through the floor, my ability to plan and implement things disappeared. I was forgetting things, making mistakes and generally stuffing up everywhere.

Looking in my diary, I realised I hadn’t had a massage for over two months! I’d completely forgotten to book it in. What a mess.

Lying on that table, having my massage the other day, I could feel my body relaxing, my mind slowing down and my heart rate dropping.

As I chatted to my therapist, I could feel the weight of my unhelpful thoughts and feelings lighten. Remembering that meditation is really good for me. Exercise keeps my emotions evenly balanced. Deep breathing and drinking lots of water help me to think better and more effectively.

Something as simple as having a massage, taking a couple of hours just for myself and investing in my whole wellbeing made such a difference to how I feel.

I’ve come up with a new VIP Membership to help you address the problem.

With a monthly investment of just $95, you can buy yourself peace of mind.

You’ll be able to have a regular healing massage, every two months (or whenever works best for you) knowing that it’s already paid for and already booked in.

You wont have to find or justify the money because it’ll be debited from your account every month, without you having to do anything further.

You wont have to remember to book it in because you’ll have your sessions pre-booked.

The membership lasts 12 months – that’s 6 massages completely sorted.

If you need to change the date, just do it online or contact me to do it for you.

The best bit? You save $120 off the total cost of 6 sessions as well!

You wont believe how much better you’ll feel.

Check out the VIP Membership and sign up now.

Here’s to less stress!