This is a simple question with a not-so-simple answer!

Massage every 4-6 weeks

When clients first ask me this question, I usually recommend a massage every 4-6 weeks and more often if you feel you need it. It really depends on your body and why you are having massages in the first place.

How in tune with your body are you?? Do you know when you?re in pain?? Do you know when things aren?t quite right?

In fact, the answer is that there isn?t just one answer. Everyone is different. Your body is changing all the time, depending on what is going on with your health and in your life.

Check in with yourself

I did come across a great answer to the question from Kweli-Ya-Saleem though;??When someone asks me, I tell them to mentally scan their body and tell me how their body feels on a scale of one to 10.? Do this on the same day every week.? When they scan their body at six, it?s time for another massage.? It could be two weeks later, three weeks, a month or six weeks.? They know how long they can go without a massage.?

It?s the perfect answer because it is all about how your body feels, right now!

Try it for yourself…

How does your body feel?? Are there any areas that feel hot or cold?? Are there any areas that feel tight or restricted?? Are there any areas that feel a little swollen or bloated?? Have you had a headache recently?? If so, do you know why?? Have you been sleeping well?? Do you feel overwhelmed by your life at the moment? Are you feeling a little more stressed than usual?? Are you on a diet? Are you training for a sporting event? Have you got bad breath or irregular bowel motions?? Have you recently been ill?

And last of all, at what number would you rate how your body feels, between one and 10?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, or if you rated how your body feels right now, higher than six, perhaps it?s time to book a massage!

Have you ever asked your therapist “how often should I have a massage?” What was their answer?

*Photo courtesy of Free Digital Photos.