I thought it hadn’t worked.

She’s on my Fast Freedom 4 week program.

We did her in-person session a few weeks ago and she had a major breakthrough on the day.

She realised that she was able to let go of everything that had been holding her back from stepping into the career that she wants to pursue. It was time to step out of shame and guilt and into acceptance for herself. It was time to move forward into something better.

When the session ended, she said that it was time to leave the past in the past and to create something new and healthy that feels good.

This was a lady who had struggled with addictions. Her mother was an alcoholic and her father had been unavailable through her childhood. She didn’t feel loved by her parents. She had rebelled big time as an adolescent. She had always felt “less than – not good enough, not smart enough, not worthy of love” and had “treated herself like trash”.

This lady wanted to wake up knowing what to do to live her life on purpose. She wanted to feel connected, to make a difference in the world, to make good money in her business – and to improve her romantic relationship and value her health.

She was afraid of not succeeding.

Then I lost contact with her! Each week I tried to check-in and there was no response.

I had begun to think that she had given up.

Yesterday we finally spoke! She and her partner had both been very ill.

Now that they are well again, she feels that she has her mojo back.

It’s been several months since she’s felt so inspired and motivated. She is eating better, moving more and has discovered that her substance of choice “didn’t give me what I wanted so there’s no point in doing it!” She said, “I keep questioning myself – did I take something today? Knowing I haven’t, I feel so good! I feel so proud of myself.”

She’s got loads of new ideas for her life and business. She’s put together a program that she can follow. She’s dropped a couple of kilos and feeling so much better. Her partner has noticed how much more energy she has.

It’s so gratifying to know that I helped her get to this place.

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