On the outside, she looks happy, confident, fit and healthy.

She’s crushing it in her business. She gets amazing results for her clients and is highly respected in her profession.

She’s always got a cheeky remark, a ready smile.

She looks like a model.

She sat on the chair, eyes flashing as she snapped, “My life is such a mess! People think I live the perfect life. They think I have everything sorted.”

It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Her story poured out, like a river in flood. Once started, there was no stopping. The fury, the grief, the disbelief. Tears rolled down her face as she fitted the pieces together.

Underneath that happy, confident, successful woman, there hid a little girl, crushed by her father’s absence and indifference. Shrivelled by her mother’s abuse.

Layered over that, was the teenager who was fat and ugly, supremely clever and bullied mercilessly.

The layer above that was the young woman who married the wrong man – because it was too late to call off the wedding. The husband who had been so nasty and, long after it was over, continued to wear her down.

And on top of it all was the woman who felt broken and used by her new partner’s betrayal.

All those layers of pain, beginning when she was just a little girl, had left her feeling that in her personal life she had no safety, no self worth, no confidence, no boundaries. She was always going out of her way to please people. She felt rejected.

She’d had enough.

This amazing woman signed up for my Fast Freedom 4 week Program.

When I checked in with her recently she said, “I’m a new person. I’ve released all that baggage I’ve been carrying since I was a little girl. I’m not overweight. I feel so much happier, comfortable inside myself. I’m confident telling the truth and saying “no” to people. I don’t need a man to complete me. I feel calm.”

She’s not finished yet.

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