I’m not capable of creating a successful business.

That’s what one of my clients said to me last week. She had always been financially provided for – firstly by her father and then by her husband. Last year she got divorced.

Money was always an issue growing up. Her parents fought over money and there was the feeling that there was never enough.

When she was married she lived a great life – there was always enough money. Getting divorced had brought up big fear that she would go back to struggling for money.

This lady is hugely skilled in what she does, with lots of qualifications but she doubted that her credentials equipped her adequately to be able to deal with the people she wants to work with.

She has always felt “not enough” and as though she didn’t have the ability to make a difference. She felt as though she would always fly under the radar and that she’d have to fight really hard to earn enough to support herself. She felt as though someone had put her on “mute”.

I received a quick text message this morning – “I’m doing very well… I sold a $1200 program the next day. I’m ready to fly”.

Now she believes in herself and has confidence in her abilities. She knows she can have a positive impact on her clients. She knows she can have a successful business, on her own terms. She can support herself.

That’s so exciting!

I’m really looking forward to hearing how she’s going in a few weeks’ time – and in a few months!

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