A couple of weeks ago an exhausted, depressed man contacted me in desperation.

His nightmares were getting worse and the panic attacks that followed them were debilitating. He was getting about two hours’ sleep a night. He was terribly anxious and also concerned about the excess weight he had gained.

This is a man who has overcome alcohol and gambling addictions. He was bullied as a child. He attempted suicide a few years ago. He has some health issues and is on appropriate medication. He sees a psychologist.

His “magic wand” wish was to be able to sleep through the night without nightmares. Secondary to that, he wants to lose weight.

Today, at his one week check-in he said to me, “I’m really, really happy. I’m sleeping through the night, I’m eating better and I haven’t had one nightmare since I saw you. I feel really good.”

He’s making better food choices, he has more energy and he’s feeling so much better.

It’s still early days, but I’m so pleased for him! This is why I do what I do.