Sometimes you don’t really know what’s going on – you just know that you’re not right. You might have tried a few different things and don’t know what else to try.

Sometimes you find yourself dealing with the same old stuff that you’ve dealt with before and don’t know why.

Maybe it’s a feeling, maybe it’s a knowing. You just need a little bit of help to get through it.

It’s frustrating. Its perplexing. It’s worrying.

Reiki and other energy healing techniques can help you detach from unwanted “stuff”, help you feel lighter and happier, or even actually heal some physical ailments.

  • You don’t have to believe in anything.
  • The work is gentle and non-invasive
  • You can keep your clothes on and stay seated if you’d rather.
  • I might or might not rest my hands on your body, rock you or wave my arms around you.

Energy healing can be used with conventional health care and other treatments and often makes them work better. Usually you will feel clear, balanced, relaxed and energised afterwards.

Healing can produce some amazing, transformational changes in you!

Shan is a beautiful intuitive healer who has the depth and insight that I have never experience in any previous healing work. Shan has an exquisite way of diving into her vast toolbox of gifts to bring out whatever is required for your healing process at that point in time. Her healing takes you to the deepest part of yourself, where she effortlessly goes about clearing the cobwebs of your soul. It is an absolute joy to work with her.

Deanne Bennett

Shan Withnell – Massage and Intuitive Healing Sydney’s Northern Beaches – ShanTherapy

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