“I can’t understand why I can’t do it! I should be an expert by now!”
That was me, crying my eyes out in the maternity ward. Unable to get my newborn son to latch on to my breast. He was my third baby.
Each baby had started breast feeding the same way – my inverted nipples made it next to impossible to feed them successfully at the beginning.
Each time I persevered and, in the end, I clocked up over 5 years of breastfeeding.
Nipple shields, pumps, vacuum thingies – I tried everything. The excruciating pain of cracked nipples, the endless demands for food.
By baby number three I was bereft. Surely, by now, I should be able to do it.
That’s when the midwife said something that changed everything.
“You know how to do it. You’ve done it thousands of times. HE HASN’T LEARNED HOW YET.”
We often get impatient with ourselves, thinking we should be able to do something new.
How often do we acknowledge to ourselves that it takes time. It takes repetition. It takes familiarity.
It’s exactly the same when we are trying to change a behaviour or belief.
“I can’t speak in public.”
“I hate doing videos.”
“Nobody will pay that price.”
“Other people know so much more than I do.”
Speaking to other women in business, I hear these things ALL the time!
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