This came up on my Facebook memories. It was my first day in Paris, before meeting my daughter for our two week holiday together.
She had been singing her way around Spain and I had been camping at a beach in Australia with the rest of the family. The day before this, I had left 43°C in Sydney.
Paris was -7°C!
It was so, so cold!!
Hours in the Louvre, to see all I could! Ducking in and out of museums, galleries and cafes, trying to warm up. Gloves, scarf, big coat and warmer socks had been purchased – and I was still cold!
My old winter clothes, from when I’d lived in England, had been packed for Paris.
Sometimes you can think that you’re prepared for what’s to come and then find that you’re not at all.
This past year has been like that for most of us.
Holiday plans, business plans, life plans have all been up-ended, leaving many of us floundering. Some have thrived, others have struggled. All of us have had to adjust.
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