Our children give us some big lessons!
When my middle daughter was born with no fingers on her left hand, it brought such a plethora of emotions. Guilt – I must have done something wrong. Grief – my beautiful, perfect baby was missing such a vital part of her. Anxiety – how would she DO everything? More anxiety – how would people treat her? Even more anxiety – how would I raise her with healthy self esteem? The thoughts and emotions ran riot.
What saved us initially was that she was the second born. We could see that she was totally “normal” in every way, doing all the same kinds of things as her sister had done. The main thing though was that she was resourceful, resilient and very determined. There was nothing she couldn’t do, once she decided to do it.
I have a million stories of how she has overcome obstacles. Every day she inspires me. She is one of the reasons I do what I do.
When I started receiving RTT I realised that I’d formed some very unhelpful beliefs after she was born:
I must be a bad person to have done this to my daughter.
I must have done something wrong.
This must be payback for something terrible I did in the past.
How have I damaged her (and my other children) with all my faults and mistakes and wrong actions?
I can’t be a good mother.
With RTT I was able to find and heal original sources of my “not enoughness” from my own childhood and forgive myself for my normal “mother mistakes”. I realised that mum-guilt is ongoing (because we all want the absolute best for our children) but that I AM enough and the best I can be, and do, IS enough.
You know, we form these unhelpful beliefs because our subconscious wants to protect us – and to begin with, they do. It’s only later on that we find they are controlling us, stopping us from reaching our full potential.
They keep us never quite satisfied with our life, never quite earning enough, never quite finding our “true purpose”, never quite knowing what it is we really, truly want.
Transforming my beliefs has let me see that it’s not about the missing fingers or letting my daughter down, but about how I feel about myself, deep down inside.
When you truly love and accept yourself, a whole world of opportunity opens up for you.
That’s the magic that changes lives!

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