A few weeks ago my children introduced me to the game, Temple Run.

I had finished my book and looked up to see all three children and my husband, attached to their ipods, playing this game. None of them was interested in going for a walk (it was pouring with rain), playing a ?real? game or having a chat.

The last time I played an electronic game that wasn?t ?Solitaire? or some fairly static word game was around the time of Space Invaders!? I have zero computer game co-ordination, zero patience to learn how to play and not much interest anyway!

Thinking that I should at least have a go so I’d have some understanding of what they were talking about and to prove that I’m not quite the dinosaur they think I am, I installed the game on my phone and off I went.

To say that I was totally hopeless is an understatement!? My children were reaching scores of 6,000,000 seemingly without trying and I couldn?t even get started without falling off the cliff!

A funny thing happened though.? It started as ?I?m not going to be beaten by some stupid game? and ?all it takes is a bit of practise?.

Five weeks later and yesterday I scored 2,500,000!? I can?t tell you now exciting it was to tell my kids (despite their rolling eyes and groans of exasperation).? They think I?m addicted.? Maybe they?re right.

Along the way though, I?ve been reminded of a few life lessons.

  • To get better at anything you have to practice.? My score is still pathetic compared to my kids? scores but it?s so much better than it was at the start.? I am learning the co-ordination required to see many things happening at once, to decide quickly which direction to take, to know which power-ups I can make better use of and when to use a ?save me? and when to just let my character die.
  • You need patience. You have to fall off the cliff many, many times to learn the game.
  • To get quicker results, it sometimes pays to have somebody else play the game for a while.? While my kids occasionally get a good score for me (enabling me to get better power-ups or other benefits), I can watch and learn what they are doing and ask questions about why they are doing it. ?(It also gives us a chance to have a talk without having ?a talk?.)
  • To play better you have to keep breathing, move smoothly and think calmly.? My son says ?Don?t stress Mum! You tense up, stop breathing and jerk all over the place and then you die!? Such wisdom from a little boy!
  • You need to take opportunities when they?re offered ? you never know where they will lead but it?s sure to be interesting and often quite a lot of fun!
  • It?s just a game.? You don?t need to take it too seriously.
  • When I?m in the flow the abundance grows!
  • I have discovered that it IS possible for me to learn to play a ?computer game? after all!

I?m sure there are many other things to be learned from Temple Run, but just for now, I have to see if I can get to 3,000,000!