This week I had a revelation.

I spend a lot of time ‘working on myself’; meditating, journaling, reading self-development books, reading blogs, attending classes, and talking with other people who are interested in and actively doing the same. ?I think I’m a pretty aware and conscious person.


I’ve had a series of clients over the past couple of weeks who were suffering with this year’s lurgy – the dreaded cough, cold, flu thing that has been doing the rounds and lingers for ages.

People have been coming to me with blocked noses, headaches, pain in their teeth, back ache, sore necks and shoulders and pain from coughing. Plus they have pulled muscles in their abdomens and gurgling lungs when they breathe… all the usual winter lurgy symptoms.

And over and over again they have had infected sinuses.

I have a pretty good bag of tricks for dealing with sinus issues; head and neck lymphatic work, cranial work, general massage, Hopi candles and the magic face cupping!

Time and time again, my clients have got up off my table saying things like “Oh, I can breathe again!” or “My face doesn’t hurt!” or “My headache’s gone!”

Of course, it’s wonderfully satisfying when people appreciate your work and I love it when the work I do actually makes a positive difference to somebody’s life.

Here’s the revelation though…

I have spent four weeks with the dreaded lurgy myself.

Four weeks of lethargy, persistent coughing, gurgling lungs, headaches, weakness, runny nose, high temperature and fluid pouring out of me from everywhere (check out my post on incontinence from coughing)

This week, as I reached for the face cups to treat a client, it dawned on me…

I hadn’t used ANY of my ‘go to’ treatments for MYSELF!

For four weeks I had suffered, feeling like crap, running around looking after my three kids and husband as they cycled through the lurgy themselves.

Anger and resentment had crept up on me as each of them came down with it, and had taken themselves off to bed. ?I had driven them to the doctor for the obligatory absence note, dosed them with nourishing food and drinks, tended to them and felt intense irritation and then jealousy, especially towards my husband who spent the better part of two weeks in bed sleeping!

“It’s alright for him! ?He lies in bed and sleeps all day long. ?I still have to take kids to school, run them to after school activities, do the chores…” and on it went, as I ranted to my mother. ?”When do I get to stay in bed and sleep?”

Completely overwhelmed, exhausted and full of resentment I had completely forgotten to use those cups on myself. ?DUH!

Of course, what I had totally missed, was that when you are looking after others you have to look after YOURSELF FIRST!

If you’re not in good shape, how can you possibly give of your best to anybody else?

What are your top tips for looking after yourself??


*Image courtesy of Free Digital Images