Australia Day is done.

Australia Day marks the end of the summer school holidays. Typically, the country now returns to “work mode” and we all get back to normal rhythms and routines. Sad or glad, it’s time.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning the year ahead and looking at your intentions. I, like a lot of people, have on my list to get stronger, fitter and healthier. I squeeze into my previously loose jeans and acknowledge that I have gained a few kilos over the holidays. Too much unconscious nibbling, another mouthful of ice cream and the cold beer or wine on a hot summer night. Add to that the much reduced exercise and I’m not surprised.

This year I’m not going on another diet. I’m not going for some quick weight loss that I’ll maintain for 10 minutes before the weight piles on again. I’m not touching shakes, supplements and all the myriad of tricks and mind games out there.

This year I’m doing what I know will make the difference. I am continuing to eat all the wonderful whole foods that I really love. I am continuing to move, exercising in ways that bring me joy and nourish my soul. I am still meditating. I am connecting with my friends and playing with my kids. I am spending fun time with my husband and family. I am having regular massage.

I am not going to feel guilty if I eat something “unhealthy” or if I don’t go for a walk or I didn’t make time to meditate today.

I’m eating consciously.

I’m moving more.

I’m getting regular massages.

I’m choosing health.


How does massage help with weight loss?

  • Massage improves your circulation, bringing blood flow to your tissues and removing waste as urine via your kidneys. ?If you need to urinate after a massage, you’re seeing a great result!
  • Massage improves your muscle tone.
  • Vigorous massage over hips and thighs can improve cellulite.
  • Massage shortens your recovery time after intense physical activity so you don’t have to feel sore the next day.
  • Massage gives stress relief. ?High stress = high cortisol levels = increased weight. Massage will help you to relax by calming down your nervous system and helping your hormones to normalise.
  • Massage helps your body to release endorphines. Massage = feeling fantastic!
  • Getting regular massages tells your subconscious that you?value yourself.

What type of massage will work best?

Any massage will help to support you during your weight loss and some modalities will help more than others.

  • Self-massage on your abdomen. If you are prone to constipation or irregular bowel movements, regular massage over your abdomen will help. Starting at your right hip, massage in a clockwise direction. ?A few minutes twice a day can help relieve constipation, improve abdominal muscle tone and could help you get rid of that little pot belly in just a few weeks.
  • Dry skin brushing. This stimulates your circulation, assists your lymphatic system and makes you feel great, as well as exfoliating dead skin cells! ?Look good and feel amazing!
  • Lymphatic drainage. ?This is a very gentle form of massage that helps with excess fluid retention. ?It’s amazingly effective over arms and legs.
  • Vigorous massage focussing on legs, hips and thighs, done frequently, can produce noticeable changes very quickly.

It’s going to be a great year!

What are you doing to shed your extra kilos?