My massage and intuitive healing sessions are the most popular booking of all!

The combination of massage and intuitive healing is for when you have something physical going on, or you want the benefits of a massage, combined with the lovely healing energy that balances, clears and restores you.

Intuitive healing is often enhanced by massage because the touch ?anchors? the healing into your body. The massage is enhanced by the healing because your aura and chakras are cleared and balanced and if there?s any underlying dross to be cleared, we do that too.

During the session there is always a connection and that connection is just love. ?I feel so much love for my clients. Sometimes it comes through me and sometimes it comes from me and sometimes it?s a combination.

By the end of your session, you will usually feel lighter, clearer and happier.

“What an amazing massage I had from Shan. Not only did I receive physical healing but when I stepped into the cabin I felt like I had stepped into a sacred space, like the womb of Mother Earth. It was so powerful it felt like all layers of my being were being healed. Her insight and intuition were an amazing help for my journey of healing. Thanks Shan.”

Alex Piper

“Shan is a beautiful intuitive healer who has the depth and insight that I have never experienced in any previous healing work. Shan has an exquisite way of diving into her vast toolbox of gifts to bring out whatever is required for your healing process at that point in time. Her healing takes you to the deepest part of yourself, where she effortlessly goes about clearing the cobwebs of your soul. It is an absolute joy to work with her.”

Deanne Bennett

“The problem with going to Shan for a massage is you’ll never be able to go anywhere else EVER AGAIN!!!! Her massages are the best I have EVER experienced. Not only does she work on the physical body and your muscles, but she works with your energy and conducts a healing at the same time. I always leave Shan’s massage feeling totally amazing.”

Nikki Lane

Shan Withnell – Massage and Intuitive Healing Sydney’s Northern Beaches – ShanTherapy

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