It’s amazing how motivating some black circles with ticks inside can be!
Ever since I got to almost a full screen for the first time (a week or two ago) I make myself go EVERY day. I want another full screen.
This week it’s been wet, grey and rough. I’ve been a bit tired. I’ve still gone for a swim. I tell myself that I’ll have a nap later (did that once) or get an early night (not yet).
I really love my early swim and usually go anyway. I might miss the odd one when I have an early meeting or have to be somewhere. Recently, if I’ve had something on early, I’ve woken even earlier so I can still get my swim in.
This is definitely a summer thing only!😂
I know the importance of resting when you need to. Getting some rest elsewhere in my day is happening  (doing nothing for 5-10 minutes every day, meditating every day).
My intention is to do some movement every day (really need to do more!😀).  I didn’t set a goal to swim every day no matter what!
Just proves what those game developers have known all along – a small reward (black dot with tick inside) will keep you doing something longer than you might have planned to.
What “reward” motivates you to keep doing something?