My International Network

I have wonderful colleagues who each specialise in different areas. We all work together across many time zones to help our clients get their best results.

Jacqui is based in beautiful Jersey and has developed her very effective Block Buster Technique. Els speaks Dutch and English, is based in Amsterdam and helps busy female executives overcome burnout and imposter syndrome and continue confidently climbing the corporate ladder. Helen is in UK and specialises in past life regression. Judith is based in Tenerife and balances your nervous system in both English and Spanish. I have amazing successes and so do my wonderful colleagues.


Jacqui Carrel Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jacqui Carrel

BlockBuster Therapy’s clinical hypnotherapist, speaker, writer and course creator Jacqui Carrel specialises in ridding business people of the fears and anxieties that hold them back from reaching their potential and fulfilling their business dreams. Her bespoke packages include the use of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), her own very successful Mind Power Protocol (MPP) and discounted access to courses.

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Els Bosma International Network


Els Bosma

Els Bosma is an advanced RTT therapist and a Magnetic Mind Coach. She runs a successful international coaching and therapy practice in the centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She coaches highly educated successful women who work in international corporate companies. Her mission is to support all successful women in getting to where they really want to be – in a heart-centered, meaningful career that suits their values.  You can contact Els via this link:


Helen Hardware Spiritual Hypnosis

Helen Hardware

Helen is a spiritual hypnotherapist and the Soulful Confidence Coach in the UK. She works internationally with spiritual entrepreneurs to heal blocks from their past lives and present life so they can feel deeply worthy of their work at a soul-aligned level. Helen helps her clients to unleash the confidence to get visible in an authentic way so they can make their unique impact in the world without limits.



Judith McFadden Change Lifestyle


Judith McFadden

Judith McFadden is a physiotherapist that who worked for more than 20 years  with the mind body connection. 

She helps women using RTT, amongst other tools, to balance their nervous system, regain their  self confidence and claim their lives, by helping them to ask for what they need. Uncovering their root causes of self doubt often coupled with chronic physical issues. We release them from traumas by showing their nervous system and subconscious mind that they are now safe.  

You can connect with Judith vía her web site… Judith works in English and Spanish