Several times over the past 30 years I have gone no shampoo.

There have been lots of reasons; losing the chemicals, saving money, saving time, wanting healthy hair.

I’ve used beer, eggs, vinegar, lemon juice and assorted other natural hair care products. ?I’ve tried using Indian hair oil and coconut oil (separately).

There was even a time in the late 80’s when I used Sorbolene (or Aqueous cream as it’s called in England). ?I was backpacking through Egypt and Turkey and it worked quite well but after a while I reverted to shampoo.

Shampoo is quick, easy and raises no eyebrows in the communal showers of swimming pools.

Shampoo smells nice. ?It makes your hair feel silky and soft.

An ABC Radio presenter, Richard Glover, made news a few years ago for giving up shampoo. ?Over the ensuing years there have been many comments made about the beautiful condition of his hair, how easy it is to care for and so on.?I have tried using his method of nothing but water several times but I find my hair begins to smell a little after a while. Strangely, mine smells (not unpleasantly) like charcoal – I have no idea why!

Anyway, history aside, I have played with the “no poo” movement as it’s strangely called, many times.

About six months ago I read a blog where the author was using bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar to wash her hair. ?Inspired and curious, I began to play with those ingredients.

I keep a paste of bicarb soda with some water in it in a container in the shower cubicle and I also have a spray bottle filled with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water.

I wet my hair, scoop out a handful of the paste and smear it over both hands. Rubbing vigorously through my hair, I use my fingertips to massage the paste into my scalp until it feels like I have covered all areas. ?I rinse that out completely then spray my head with the water and cider vinegar solution. ?As I’m spraying, I also massage vigorously all over my head, I rinse thoroughly and I’m done.

After towel drying my hair I just run my fingers through it and I’m ready to go.

My hair has never felt so soft and silky. ?The condition of my hair is amazing – shiny, strong and it doesn’t smell of anything. ?I did wonder if I was going to smell like a salad dressing at first! ?If I have used a styling product, the bicarb soda just takes it all out without any problem at all.

I’m a convert.

I’ve been camping a few times since starting this no shampoo method and have found it easy to continue, even with camp facilities. ?I haven’t been camping for several weeks at a time yet, so will have to update this when I do, but I can’t see there being a problem.

Have you tried to go “no poo”? ?If so, how did you go? ?What did you use?

*Image courtesy of Free Digital Photos.