Last night we were movie stars!

“Sea Birds”, the documentary that was made about my swimming ladies, was shown on the big screen.

All dressed up for our “red carpet” moment, we had dinner across the road before going to the cinema. Festive and fabulous – our first group outing since lockdown. Excitement, laughter, friendship – we had it all.

Our movie was in the middle of nine, entered into the Women’s Adventure Film Tour 20/21.

Before the lights went down, we were all having a laugh, feeling a little bit embarrassed. All the other short films were about young, very athletic, very adventurous women. There were women kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, highlining. All doing fairly extreme sports.

We wondered why our “little movie” had been entered at all.

They were interesting, they were diverse, they showed so many aspects of adventurous women.

Only one other – about nine women who set up and did a highline adventure – was similar to ours.

It wasn’t about the competition, or the endurance, or “making it”.

It was about friendship. Supporting each other. Witnessing the hardship as well as the joy. It was about doing something they were passionate about, together.

Our little movie held its own. “Sea Birds” was every bit as worthy of being in the Women’s Adventure Film Tour as any of the others.(Even though you don’t see anybody actually swimming in it!!!)

It was a wonderful night.