Poetry to Film

Poetry has power. To evoke feelings with well-chosen words. Pared to essentials. Crafted by masters.

Negative Space” is a very short film, based on Ron Koertge’s poem, that beautifully adds depth while keeping the emotion. The film won several awards, including an Academy Award.

It has an ambiguous ending, which makes you think about it for longer than you might have.

“Negative Space” is a great reflection of many father-son relationships (and many others).

Here is a link to a little article about the film.

It is a poignant film.

It’s also thought-provoking in other ways.

Negative space in your life

How many things do you do in the same way that you were taught to do them?

How many habits have you learned in childhood that you still have today?

When you think about some of those habits acquired early on, in childhood or adolescence, who did you learn them from?

What did that person mean to you?

What does that habit connect you to?

Can you find a deeper meaning for why you still have that behaviour?

Do those habits still serve you, or are they now hindering you? Holding you back from what you really want?

Often, when you are trying to make a change in your life, you get so far along the road to success and then fall short.

You get to a point that’s too uncomfortable.

You sabotage yourself.

You give up.

There’s actually an easier way to achieve the success you’re wanting.

When you have help in finding the origin of the habit or behaviour that you’re trying to change and support in establishing the new behaviour, you’re more likely to successfully achieve your goal.

The short film and poem are called “Negative Space”.

You can think about the space between inhaling and exhaling as negative space.

You can think about the space between being “stuck where you are” and surging forward to success as negative space.

What happens in that negative space?

In that pause?


Turning negative into positive

When you work with me in one of my Freedom Programs, I will help you find the origin of your “stuckness” and support you in getting and staying “unstuck”.

Let’s turn that negative space into a positive surge towards success.

Contact me to find out how.