If you?ve had enough of what?s keeping you stuck and you?re ready for change, RTT can help you!

Instead of endless talking, to find out what?s holding you back and why you don?t have the life you dream of, we?ll be using RTT to:

  • access your subconscious quickly
  • find the answers you?re looking for easily
  • understand how and why fundamentally flawed beliefs have had the impact they?ve had on you
  • heal them
  • powerfully and permanently install new beliefs and behaviours
  • give you the freedom you deserve

RTT is like a software upgrade for your life. Fast, effective and totally tailored to you.

Mostly, it takes just one session! We?re all unique so sometimes it may take another one or two sessions for that issue. Weight loss, depression and anxiety may require several sessions.

Sometimes you will end the session feeling amazing and totally different, knowing that everything has changed, instantly.

More often you?ll notice day by day that things have changed, cumulatively. For other people, after a month or so, retroactively, you?ll realise that the thing that used to bother you, just isn?t there anymore.

RTT is a good fit for you if you are committed to making a positive change in your life and you?re willing to do your part. On a scale of 1-10 the thing that?s bothering you is impacting your life at a score of 8 or above.

The more important this change is to you, the better result you will have.

In each RTT session I will make you a customised recording (usually between 15-25 minutes long) and your job is to listen to it EVERY DAY for at least 21 days.

While the session is the cure, giving you understanding and freedom, it?s reinforced by listening to the recording, which makes it permanent.

RTT was developed by Marisa Peer, a world-renowned therapist based in Britain.

Combining the best of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, she has refined this method over 30+ years.

Marisa has clients that include rock stars, movie stars, Olympic athletes, royalty, sports stars & ordinary people.

Now that she?s teaching her method to other practitioners, it is sweeping the world and winning awards everywhere!

Have a look at Marisa’s website where she explains in more detail about RRT is.

Diane Tipper has recently undergone RTT with me to help her with claustrophobia, hear what she has to say about RTT below.

Shan Withnell – Massage and Intuitive Healing Sydney’s Northern Beaches – ShanTherapy

“I recently had a session with Shan to deal with my fear of being in enclosed spaces and in particular lifts. I?m pleased to say that I?m now riding the lift quite happily and I still have the recording of our session, if I feel the need to listen to it again. I was amazed at how quickly I worked through it. Thank you Shan for your professionalism, insight and guidance.”

Molly Talbot

“I found myself really struggling through a chronic phase of Endometriosis.?Although I have lived with Endo for many years, this phase was particularly overwhelming and impacting my daily life. I was frustrated by persistent chronic pelvic pain, constant anaemia, exhausted and everything else that comes along with Endometriosis.

I found the initial consultation in itself to be; calming, grounding, centring, reassuring, really quite empowering and hopeful. Throughout the therapy process; I felt safe, at ease, well supported, clearly guided, gently held ? which created a deeply nurturing space for self-empowered healing. It was a really enjoyable treatment and I walked away from it feeling relief and in a state of renewal.

I followed the guided meditation for the following 4 weeks and by the end of the entire process, my energy had completely shifted. I felt so much lighter and clearer. I was able to manage my stress levels much better and I felt in charge of my path to health and wellness again.”

Tam Jones

“Having a session with Shan is a very safe and positive experience. Her technique and wisdom guides the process to a positive outcome. The follow up care is equally important and that is part of the journey so you always feel held. I?m very grateful for the understanding I now have. Thanks Shan.”

Ros Tebble

“I have had two RTT session with Shan. She is really approachable and professional, ensuring you feel safe and comfortable. Shan tailor makes an RTT session to your needs, whatever they may be. Shan is a very good listener and meticulous in her note taking in order to do this. Shan has a lovely area where she works from, making her clients relaxed and ready for the session. Everything is explained thoroughly and appropriately so that you know what to expect from the session.”

Sally Burford

“I am feeling so much better in myself since having a RTT session with Shan. I am noticing the clawing hunger for food I had seems to have relaxed its grip on me and I am feeling so much lighter. I felt like you really heard me in my session and when you did the healing it was apparent that you had paid great attention to my words and my desires which I could hear coming back to me, it was truly amazing for me ? it has been one of my challenges to be heard. I am listening to the audio each night and feel so relaxed and happy to do so. This shows me that any resistance I had has melted away. I am so grateful and thankful for your working with me and your professionalism.”

Helena Fahy

Shan Withnell – Massage and Intuitive Healing Sydney’s Northern Beaches – ShanTherapy

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