What do you do when worries spiral in your mind?

When you can’t see a way out of your problems?

When each solution you dream up seems less attainable than the last?

It’s so easy to find yourself in a downward spiral of thoughts.

Thoughts cause feelings, so hot on the heels of your spiralling thoughts comes anxiety, doubt, uncertainty, and all the rest.

Emotions then cause actions – or inaction, like procrastination or duplication.

What do you do when that happens?

I like to go to the beach and watch the sea. Meditate. Walk. Read a book. Meet a friend.

Sometimes though, doing those things don’t help. Sometimes your anxiety has gone beyond those things. Sometimes you might find yourself teetering on the precipice of depression.

If that’s where you’re at, get in touch.

Using advanced hypnotherapy and other amazing tools, I can help you turn things around effectively and quickly. Let’s find the underlying cause, then let’s dig you out of the hole and help you see the sunshine again.

I’d be honoured to help. Xx