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The first rule of survival… looking after yourself

This week I had a revelation. I spend a lot of time 'working on myself'; meditating, journaling, reading self-development books, reading blogs, attending classes, and talking with other people who are interested in and actively doing the same. ?I think I'm a pretty aware and conscious person. Hah! I've had a series of clients over

Life Lessons from Camping with Grandma

My mother-in-law has just returned to the UK after a five-week visit with us. ?Whilst she was here, she had her 70th birthday. At home, friends live nearby, she sees her other grandson once a week when he comes to visit with his father, and when she needs help with something around the house,

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Life lessons from Temple Run!

A few weeks ago my children introduced me to the game, Temple Run. I had finished my book and looked up to see all three children and my husband, attached to their ipods, playing this game. None of them was interested in going for a walk (it was pouring with rain), playing a ?real?

Raising Daughters- Love is in the House

Tonight was special.? I?ll treasure it?and pull it?out of my box of memories many times. Spending a simple night at home with my daughters, eating chocolate (of course) and watching a rented movie, reminded me of things that really matter.? Not eating the chocolate or even watching the movie, although we all enjoyed it, sang