Gratitude for the perfect morning

OMG! I can't tell you how glorious, amazing, wonderful, totally divine it was that morning! I woke at 5am. Too early. Back to bed, snuggling under the covers for another hour. Up at 6am. Wrote in my journal. Cool, dark morning, anticipating cold water and a cool breeze. My committment to myself is to swim.

Gratitude: New Shoes

So here I am, walking my beautiful dog through early morning, dewy wet grass. ?A cool, light breeze lifting the fringe off my face. ?Slowly warming, with golden sunlight caressing my skin. Feeling... Excitement. ?Anticipation. ?Trepidation. ?Anxiety. ?Nervousness. ?A little bit of fear. Courageousness. ?Defiance. ?Triumph. ?Joyful. ?Careful. Ecstatic! All these feelings come because