Think I killed my SCOBY!

I think I've killed my SCOBY! After attending a fermented foods workshop last week, I went mad, making everything! Chicken broth - amazing! I have a cup a day, either for breakfast or lunch. It's delicious, quick and filling. (After the 24 hours it took to make that is!) Red cabbage and beetroot kraut -

I’ve been cold water swimming!

Cold water swimming! Mid-July a friend finally, after several months, convinced me to join her in the ocean pool at 7am on a Saturday morning. It's the middle of winter! To even contemplate swimming in the sea is crazy! (I only get in the water when it has passed above 25C.) My friend picked me

How does massage help with weight loss?

Australia Day is done. Australia Day marks the end of the summer school holidays. Typically, the country now returns to "work mode" and we all get back to normal rhythms and routines. Sad or glad, it's time. If you're anything like me, you've been planning the year ahead and looking at your intentions. I,

  • Negative ions in nature

Negative Ions – A Positive Force?

A conversation with my father prompted me to investigate the benefits of negative ions. What are they? Do we really benefit from them? Is it ?just another marketing ploy? to make us spend money on more useless gadgets? Here is what I learned. What is an ion? Wikipedia says ?An ion is an atom or

  • Drinking water

How Much Water Should I Drink and Why?

The Importance of Water   Drink water to stay healthy   There is a lot of talk about water and how necessary it is to maintain life and health. ?An adult?s body contains about 70% water. It is a major part of every cell, tissue and organ. It is crucial in almost all body functions