Energy follows intention

Energy follows intention. Fascinating to observe how true this is. A lady contacted me several days ago, wanting to know more about RTT and how it might help her with her back problem. She’s had a sore back for several months. Seen a physio, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist. Initially I thought she wanted massage

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Still doing massage!

I came out of lockdown having only done Zoom hypnotherapy sessions with clients for the past months. Loving them. Excited by them. Inspired by them. And I am still loving them. I'm really fired up by the amazing impact they have for my clients - truly life changing. I came out of lockdown thinking that

How to reduce cellulite

I remember being about 12, being fit, strong, healthy - and cellulite free. Growing up in the tropics of Papua New Guinea, I'd lived on plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and meat and not much in the way of sugar or processed foods. The sugar I did have was usually a "treat"

Do I have to take my clothes off?

Ummmm. . . do I have to take all my clothes off? The short answer is "No, absolutely not". This is one of the most asked questions about massage so I thought I'd write about it. When I studied massage, many years ago, we were told to say, "Take off whatever you're comfortable with". That's

How to give a great massage!

Everyone wants a massage, but sometimes getting?in to see your favourite massage therapist is too hard or inconvenient. In moments like that, knowing how to give your partner a decent massage yourself can?be really useful. But ... do you know how to give a good massage? Giving an at-home massage isn't that hard. Here are

How does massage help with weight loss?

Australia Day is done. Australia Day marks the end of the summer school holidays. Typically, the country now returns to "work mode" and we all get back to normal rhythms and routines. Sad or glad, it's time. If you're anything like me, you've been planning the year ahead and looking at your intentions. I,

Massage – why wait?

Fix me! Recently, I've seen a number of people who have come in for a massage and want to be ?fixed? in one visit. There?s nothing unusual about that except all of them have one thing in common... they haven't had a massage for a long time. Here?s a scenario:? You?ve gained a little weight

How often should I have a massage?

This is a simple question with a not-so-simple answer! Massage every 4-6 weeks When clients first ask me this question, I usually recommend a massage every 4-6 weeks and more often if you feel you need it. It really depends on your body and why you are having massages in the first place. How in

Something to give ? why being a good therapist is often about quality not quantity

There are many professions where the practitioner invests physically and mentally in their client?s wellbeing but few, I suspect, more so than in mine. Sometimes I can literally feel my client?s pain or emotion as I work, helping to improve their health. ?(I am always careful to have clear boundaries and to rinse off anything