Confidence can be rebuilt

You can rebuild the confidence you had when you were a child. When we came on leave from Papua New Guinea every two years, Mum used to take me to the dentist. His practice was high up on one of the many floors in an old building in the centre of Sydney. The rickety lift

  • Shan Withnell

Too stressed to think straight

Freedom Day Four months after entering lockdown, Sydney finally opened up (somewhat). Labelled "Freedom Day" by many, hordes of people flooded to the shops, booked their long overdue hair appointments and gathered with friends wherever they could. Another group of people stayed home. Some cautious. Not wanting to go out too soon. Not wanting to

  • Night falling Mona Vale Beach

Questioning myself

Sitting in my car, I watched the sky darken over the ocean, observing the rhythms of nature, summer solstice approaching, feeling the energies shifting. It has been a very challenging month. One where I have questioned myself deeply – personally and professionally. Am I fit to do the work I do? What do I really