Talking to Mum

Do you wish you could talk to your Gran, or your Mum, after they've passed over? My Mum died on 11 May this year. Not very long ago. Twelve weeks ago today. For the first few weeks I couldn?t stop thinking about her. I went to bed and dreamed about her, when I did sleep.

Can you guess what’s in the box?

Carefully, quietly, making sure not to wake anybody, you lifted the box out from under the Christmas tree. You held your breath and softly shook the box, listening intently. You closed your eyes and tried to imagine what could be inside. You sniffed it, hoping for a clue. Then you put it back down, knowing

Do you trust your intuition?

Do you trust your intuition? The other day I was driving home from a meeting, listening to a podcast and not paying attention at all to where I was going. I?ve driven this way a million times. All of a sudden, without thinking about it, I turned right at an intersection and drove home a