Do you wish you could talk to your Gran, or your Mum, after they’ve passed over?

My Mum died on 11 May this year.

Not very long ago.

Twelve weeks ago today.

For the first few weeks I couldn?t stop thinking about her. I went to bed and dreamed about her, when I did sleep. I woke in the morning and she was my first thought of the day. I found I wasn?t really eating. I was in shock and my grief was exhausting.

One day I came home from an important event and realised I hadn?t taken any photos.

As my Mum had become more house-bound over time, I had instinctively collected details of my outings and photos to relay to her. I had automatically noted things that she?d like whenever I went shopping. I?d pop downstairs to share stories of the day, happenings from the kids, or just to sit and talk. Often, in the evenings, I would rub her back because it helped her to breathe more easily.

That day, the day of the important event, I hadn?t taken any photos. That night I couldn?t stop crying. I realised that she really, truly, wasn?t coming back.

I missed her so much.

After a while, I started hearing her voice in my head.

I shrugged it off, thinking it was my imagination.

I didn?t think to remember that I sometimes get messages for other people from their loved ones. One day I even had a message for a client from her beloved and much missed, newly lost, dog.

I kept hearing Mum?s voice, telling me things, like she always had.

Because I didn?t really trust myself (and I really, really wanted to hear from her) I booked a session with a lovely psychic medium.

The session went well. Mum was fine and very happy with her funeral. She loved the flowers! She liked the music we?d picked and was glad we?d remembered to include our school hymn. She got my brother?s message.

She was happy, at peace, in no pain, and with us always. There was more, but that?s not important.

The point is, the psychic medium was able to confirm for me that my conversations with Mum weren?t just fanciful thinking on my part!

I can?t tell you how relieved I felt. And how much peace that brought to me.

My healing continues but it?s not too painful now. I still cry sometimes. I still spot clothes that she?d like, or paintings. When I?m watching a TV show that she?d like I think of her.

But I can feel her with me. I can still talk with her.

And we can have a laugh!

Would you like to have that reassurance too? That someone you love and has passed is still close by?

This Saturday I?m running a beginners? workshop called ?Do you want to be psychic?? in Mona Vale, in my cabin. It will run from 10.30am to 4.30pm and cost $147 for the day.

You will need to bring your own lunch and a couple of snacks in case you get hungry!

You’ll need to bring a notebook and pen in case you want to write things down.

You also need to bring along your open mind and?your playful self because we’ll be having fun!

This will be a very practical, hands on workshop, where you’ll be doing things all day. We’ll cover a bit of theory but the main thing is that you get to DO stuff. By the end of the day, you will have given some readings for other people. You may even have brought through a message from a person who has passed.